Gollum jade plant problems and Solutions

The Gollum jade plant is a beautiful plant. You can easily grow it in your home. But the plant faces many problems if neglected. Pests are a small problem. The main problem is Gollum plant diseases.

If you do not follow the Gollum jade care guide your plant will surely face problems.

Gollum jade plant care, propagation, and Gollum jade soil are the hot topics. You Need to know about them before growing jade plants in containers.

Now let’s talk about Gollum jade problems.

No flowers

Jade plants flowers less often. They only flower when they get old. Newly grown plants do not flower. Once the plants get 5 to 6 years old then they produce flowers. If you have a Gollum jade plant at home then you have to wait for 5 years to see bloom.

Note that indoor growing Gollum plants never bloom. This is due to the absence of their natural habitat conditions.

Some experts advise that give blooming fertilizer to jade plants in their growing season increases the chances of early flowering. But this is not a surety of flowers. In fact, it put blooming stress on the plant and stops its natural growth. Use normal houseplant fertilizers to nourish the plant.

Loss of green leaves

Loss of leaves or under-size leaves is linked to a low-light environment. Gollum jade plants that grow in low light drop their leaves. Plants need light energy to make their food. Low light means plants are unable to make their food. When they do not have much to eat then how they can stay healthy.

Here comes the need for light fertilization. This is the reason I always push people to put their plants in the morning light. Morning sunlight is good for all types of plants on their earth.

Green to yellow plant

There is only the single most common reason behind yellow jade leaves and that is overwatering. Extra water in the root area causes yellow leaves. It also increases the risk of root rot. This is a deadly disease. If the roots are rotted then the only method that can save the plant is root cuttings.

Remove the infected roots and plant it again in the same pot. Here you need to change the soil. Because the old soil gets contaminated by the fungus bacteria.

Other common issues

Leggy growth, white mold is the other common issues. If you give proper care to the plants then you can save them. Most of the time plant diseases and pests are the result of unhygienic growing room.

Make it a routine to check the plant pots daily. It will take 5 to 8 minutes to inspect 10 plant pots. It is best to use neem oil spray on all types of houseplants. It is easily available and cheap to buy. Neem oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Spray it on all plants once a month. This will prevent most of the disease and pests.

For more information on plants and their problems visit us. I hope you like this article. To read more information on plants read our other houseplant articles.